for EFL teachers / for students / in English · 21 października 2014

QR general knowledge quiz

Some time ago I scanned the Internet in the search for QR codes resources and activities. The abundance of such materials is unthinkable and I quickly got lost into them jumping from one page to another. The plethora of choices paralysed me and for a long time I could not choose a proper way to use qr codes for a game around the school grounds.

I finally decided that simplicity is the best and then I stumbled upon and it iis fabulous. I mean, virtually all classtools are great and easy to use, but QR is a plain saling. Not thinking much I  designed my first QR scavenger hunt. And the topic was somewhat safe, namely A general Knowledge QUIZ. I designed the quiz (you jjust follow the steps of the Classtools wizard), printed out the codes and displayed them on the corridors’ walls of the school.

Now, after the riddle was appreciated by the students and a winner selected I cannot but regret that I lingered so long with the idea of the hunt. Soon another one will be launched to commemorate the Patron of my school – Thaddeus Czacki.