for EFL teachers · 6 listopada 2014

Long, long time ago

As I am staying  at home now, excluded from teaching by the broken foot, getting bored  to death and pretending I am doing something vaulable I cannot resist to reminisce the begining of my teaching and doing things online. It all started in 2002. I have just visited the remains of my old webpage with teaching resources. I can’t believe it was so long time ago. Here, below there is a screen from the page, which used to be but is preserved at . Do not remember how I wrote  it. Was it purely with notepad or I did some things with Dreamwever by Macromedia… I think I will move some of the contents’ here, just not to lose anything in case changes ttheir mind about hosting the old stuff. By the way, it’s full of different sorts of mistakes. Gotta correct some things.