MM Publications · 6 listopada 2018

Unboxing of Pioneer Plus Elementary

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Have you ever watched any unboxing video? – I have. I do! Milion times! Whenever I am planning on buying a new device I first try out the equipement in my mind with the help of crafty youtubers who bravely devoted their time to record the video and describe the gimmick!

Before I lay my hands on the keypad, screen, a lesson plan, a didactic tool I always read a lot and check all the options. I doubt if I am the only one because I know at least 100 people following in my footsteps.

I have not yet seen any unboxing video of any EFL couresbook. Well, that’s me. Here I am. I decided to test for you couple of MM Publications  titles to show what’s hot and what still needs some development.

Here you will find an intro to the #pioneerplusunboxing project.

And this time its the first ever unboxing of… PIONEERPLUS Elementary!