for EFL teachers · 11 grudnia 2018

UnChristmas this Joyful time!

This is time to be jolly, as they say. But with all these sweet „White Christmas” and „We wish you Merry Christmas” I get a bit weary of too much plastic and near to zero profound message.

That’s why, as my students know, I tend to resent the candy-like tunes and instead turn to more bitter or even grim take on Christmas as an „antidote to tinsels and sleigh bells”.

The first song I torment the young minds with (before they molest me with Mariah Carey’s hit) is The Fairytale of New York by The Pogues. has got a brilliant handout for that and I have been using it for years: It’s free if you register, and really I do recommend it. Once you do it, you can access plenty of free handouts based on songs that you and your kids will exploit to the maximum. Why do I like it? It has Irish folk in it and mesmerizing lyrics!

Mind you! It contains vulgar language so prepare how you will tackle this issue in the classroom.

Of course, I have developed my own version of the handout compact and neat so it suits my needs. Help yourself:

 [wpdm_package id=’1237′]

I have also prepared a reading comprehension activity (matching headings) based on the article  from about the song.

[wpdm_package id=’1238′]

Enjoy and make sure you motivate your students to learn a bit more about Ireland!

And one more thing, as the original video for the song is rather dull for the modern tastes, I alway balance that with more digestible version here: