Critical Tweens. Portal to Life at IATEFL PL 2019 in Gdańsk

Marcin Stanowski

The word 'tween’ is often used to describe an age group of children that are in between being a child and a teenager. These kids are often in the middle of their school experience and are quickly approaching the time of transition. This age is critical to the formation of attitudes, beliefs about the world and life in a society. It coincides also with the time of the best capacity for learning languages. The talk covers the psychological aspects of this age group and focus on the best way to keep tweens company so they can enter the Portal to TeenAge with sane morals, decent knowledge on the world, aptitude to critically asses the reality and get fluent in English. I also show you how a new coursebook “Portal to English” caters for the tweens’ needs and changes with them as they are led through the tasks fostering the key competencies.