activity / for EFL teachers / listening / teaching · 16 grudnia 2019

The Git up – Cowboy TPR

Before you do the listening comprehension activity make students play Simon says or just practise with them the moves present in the song. Later on show them Blanco Brown’s Tutorial on the Git Up Tik Tok trend dance. Will your students love it or hate?

You may want to repeat that occasionally as a warm up before the classes.

I. Listen and fill in the gaps:

  1. Right now
  2. I just need you to get real _______
  3. Get ________
  4. Grab your loved ones or ________ your love partner
  5. And if you’re by yourself no ________
  6. Just _________ after me
  7. Gon’ and do the 2 _________ then cowboy boogie
  8. Grab your ____________ and spin out with ’em
  9. Do the __________and get into it (Woooo Whoooo Whoooooouuu)
  10. Take it to the left now and __________ with it
  11. Gon’ ___________down take a sip with it
  12. Now lean _______ put your hips in it (Woooo Whoooo Whoooooouuu)

II. Put in the lines in the correct order:

Now take your left hand and put it on your side. To the right to the right
Gone roll your shoulders
This next part’s my favorite part ’cause its time to shine. Do the slip and slide. To the left to the left now

song’s lyrics here: