What would you do if you were 25? Regrets? I’ve had a few.

Recently I have come across some photos of me 15 years ago. I spent then fabulous few months in Brighton working at the Babylon Lounge in Hove. How was it 25 years ago? 

What were you doing when you were 25?

Please, read those two lists.They come from two people you obviously do not know. What can you tell/speculate about those two people. Take into consideration: age, sex, marital status, social and cultural background…

If I were 25 again, I would…

  1. Be less self-conscious and more self-aware.
  2. Take a lot more chances.
  3. Plant a tree my kids and grandkids could climb.
  4. Laugh at myself more freely.
  5. Talk to my Grandmother every chance I had.
  6. Take every challenge as an opportunity.
  7. Spend the most time with the people I love most.
  8. Accept others right where they are.
  9. Give myself and others grace like its supply were never-ending.
  10. Ask big, audacious things of those in charge.
  11. Be proactive in relationships. Don’t worry about who takes the initiative.
  12. Always be positive.

If I were 25 again…

  1. I’d moisturize my skin more often. Wrinkles come faster than you think they will.
  2. I’d find a sport or exercise that I liked and get in the habit of doing it before gravity started working against me.
  3. I’d laugh more and not take myself too seriously.
  4. I’d stand more firmly in my convictions.
  5. I’d make my kids (and my husband) eat more vegetables. But, I would not try to sneak in tofu and then live to regret it.
  6. I’d value sleep and not take “fat mornings” for granted.
  7. I’d never buy cheap coffee. Ever.
  8. I’d grow thicker skin.
  9. I’d never touch a credit card.
  10. I’d laugh at the days to come.
  11. There’s no time like the present.
  12. While I can’t turn back the clock, I can still do a lot of these things now. Better late than never.

Write your own list of 10 things you would do now if you were 25:




Now, let’s play. I had an amazing time playing the awesome game.  Give yourself a try!


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