efl lessons · 23 stycznia 2022

Difficult company meetings

At the recent 1 to 1 lesson on business English we discussed the concept of corporate meetings. We discussed their importance (or total uselessness) of them and shared the experiences of how we dealt with some problematic behaviours of our colleagues.

ESL Brains was as usual an enormous help with this lesson: https://eslbrains.com/phrases-for-business-meetings/

The video included in the lesson turned out to be an excellent discussion starter:

Quizlet set on corporate meetings was quite useful when it came to describing the experiences: https://quizlet.com/_ay31jt?x=1jqt&i=x1vq

Another interesting free resource that we used was here: https://www.linguahouse.com/esl-lesson-plans/business-english/meeting-mishaps

and: https://www.linguahouse.com/esl-lesson-plans/business-english/bad-meetings