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Hacking for diversity in public schools

Hacking for diversity in public schools

On the 14th May I had at last an opportunity to speak at a face-to-face conference. It has been a great pleasure but also one of the most stressful experiences since the beginning of my public speaking career in 2007. Kongres Językowy PASE 2022 has been a successful event even though it was organised in such a rush. Obviously, the number of participants was not as high as it used to be, but bearing in mind it was a first such conference in post-covid reality and soaring prices it still was a huge CPD opportunity.

I hope to repeat this session at IATEFL Poland.

Whatever you have done in your private or professional life it has added up to you as a person. I am confident that every single experience, both personal and professional makes us better teachers. It may yet demand courage to open up in front of your students and make use of the whole “you”. In my talk I was telling how teacher’s diversity of experiences caters for reflexive  teaching practice.

How can we be of inspiration to our students and how to boost inclusiveness at our classes? We can do this by sharing our life with them.